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Meet our 2017-18 recipients!

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Jamie Erkoboni

2017-18 Grace Erline Memorial
Girls Gone Great Scholarship Recipient

2018 Graduate of Patterson Mill High School

" I find myself volunteering in events solely for the happiness of others, and for the better part of the world. My most significant volunteer experience began during the conclusion of my treatment plan from my past diagnosis of Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma. Throughout this six-week period, I became full of ambition and determination to impact my community in a positive way. I began by selling head and neck themed cancer ribbons to raise money for the Pediatric Oncology Center. Raising approximately $1400, The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia matched the donation resulting in a total of $2800. With the time I spent in and out of hospitals, I discovered that I wanted to study nursing after I graduated from high school." 

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Catherine Nester

2017-18 Grace Erline Memorial
Girls Gone Great Scholarship Recipient

2017 Graduate of South River High School

"Throughout my battle with cancer, I have seen firsthand the importance of effective communication. I have had to communicate with my doctors, nurses, and teachers to advocate for what is important to me. Through social media, I communicate with my friends and share pieces of my life as I am in treatment. I love photography, graphic design, and videography. In college, I want to combine my experiences and my passions. I am fascinated with the always­ changing field of communications and I want to have a say in it. I plan to attend a university where I can study communications and media. I want to learn through classes and internships, while researching and honing my graphic skills and creativity."

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Trinity Cook

2017-18 Grace Erline Memorial
Live An Amazing Life Grant Recipient

2018 Graduate of Old Mill High School

"I hope to accomplish many things on this adventure. While attending the Congress, I hope to learn more about current medical advancements while meeting the nation’s top physicians and providers. I also desire to gain more insight on applying to and financing medical school. In addition, the mentoring, networking and potential to gain long- term friendships is invaluable and what I would love to accomplish. Similarly, having the ability to enrich myself in a piece of African American culture that I have not yet experienced can be potentially be life- changing. I plan to learn and really internalize all of the wonderful contributions that African Americans have made not only on the island but around the world."